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starts to support a small education appropriations of country whole yearseses.Particularly is this economic recession the great environment now bottom, rob more study abroad a resources to mean to can acquire big pen additional income, reserve more teachers, let more local kids accept education. So the blue Pu Mike Gartner Authentic Jersey livings to just have the language of fun like this and asked a way after chatting severals:"Did Yang Qiu's you arrive?" "Have been already arrived, you see."Take charge of Tu thunder to ascend to take off a gift hat to point a drill ground, followed blue Pu of his finger to living to see make him shocked one act, sees campus drill ground a top have already been jamed, teaching building, lead way, hall even the building tops all stand full wear the student of school badge. "How can and so?"The blue Pu livings to see very strange, did the Chin Hua university when have so many students? Take charge of Tu Nicklas Backstrom Authentic Jersey thunder to ascend ha ha a smile:"Not only is my student, also have the Peking university, finance and economics university, Peking tech university and Peking the medical college, my guidance the director tell me and have already flowed out to go into 10,000 or 20,000 people.God, these small guys loved their president to grow crazy quickly and heard public lecture so all flowed out to come in, if isn't road reason, I believe Tienjin and Hebei even northeastern students will rush through. Oman gulf bumps shot already for the past three days, Chinese and English two country relations because of sand especially found a nation have already got close to blowout.But make people strange BE, Philipp Grubauer Authentic Jersey government in Peking in addition to protest and rebuke, incredibly have no any other to mean, this makes the international community all very strange.So know that Yang Qiu will come to Chin Hua park to inspect for today, after willing also announce public lecture, all countries halt China representative and social activity personages all rush through to take part in, because this time lecture may aim at a sand very much crisis especially, and very likely become the turn that the Chinese and English in future relates to order.Connect blue Pu to living be also drawn on by this lecture come of, hoping to kiss an ear to listen to him will speak what. "We go in, should start quickly."Take charge of Tu thunder to ascend to politely take two ambassadors to attend a celebration a seat and walk to, all the way of the guards all know 3 people, the students even if the incognizant ambassador also all knows this well-known Chin Hua the emeritus professor of the university, so step aside road road in succession. But let the blue Pu living oddness of BE, Johnson seems complete nonchalance the sand found a nation a crisis especially, all the way all again chat education and the change of Peking, make him very strange, Rod Langway Authentic Jersey ask a way on one's own initiative:"Mr. Johnson, you to sand especially how to see crisis?BE support China still our England?" Johnson and blue Pu livings as different as chalk and cheese, he more advocates that the United States doesn't participate external thing.And he feels to deepen along with reform progress in China, after importance also becomes more and more important, China rising have already more and more become can not impede, give in the international community the time of solving the economic crisis, with it Tang arm be the car rather accept to bring it into the rule of west on one's own initiative.So he dislikes those speeches that regard with hostility Yang Qiu very much.


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